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Science in Years 7 to 9 consists of the elements of Biology,  Chemistry, Physics and Earth Science so that students can experience each of these main fields.  In Year 10, students look at various fields with greater detail in preparation for senior studies.  Examples of assessment in units  include:
·         Composing a chemistry rap song.
·         Designing a musical instrument.
·         Separating dirty water to make clean water.
·         Creating a scientific toy.
·         Study an elective in chemistry such as Fireworks, Cookies or Forensics.
·         Design a method for heating ready-made meals.
·         Communicating a day in the life of a gamete cell.
·         Investigating safety features of a vehicle.
·         Classifying an 'alien' creature.
·         Designing and modifying a Rube Goldberg device.
 There is a strong emphasis on design principles, investigating  and communicating scientifically.  Students also participate in real-life applications of science - visiting such places as Dreamworld & the Science Centre and joining in programs such as Griffith University's 'Science on the Go' and 'Bush Tucker' experience day.  There is also an innovative & engaging technology focus.  Classrooms have access to such equipment as i-devices, digital microscopes, microprobes, learning objects, ‘hydrogen’ run car, data loggers, video editing equipment, 3D modelling software, on-line ‘virtual’ classroom.