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The use of web based educational resources has risen steadily over the last decade and are increasingly being used by teachers to improve student learning outcomes.
 Our school and teachers make decisions about the best technology to meet the needs of our students. Sometimes it is beneficial for students to utilise services provided by third party web based providers.
The third party web based services generally require students to be registered as a user. This process may require student personal information to be used (eg. name, email address) in the registration process, which can be stored in or outside of Australia (i.e. on servers not based in Australia that are therefore not bound by Queensland's privacy laws).
Parents\carers should understand what information is collected, how it is used, who accesses it and where the data is stored and consider the implications of use for each third party web based service used by their students.
The link below provides a summary of third party web based services used in the School.


What if I do not give consent for my student to access a third party web based service?
If you do not wish to provide consent for your student\s for a particular third party web based service, please email
Please include the following details:
  • your student's name and year level
  • the name of the third party web based service
  • the web address of the third party web based service
Need assistance?
Please email with Website Risk Review Register in the subject line.