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Mabel Park SHS Special Education Program (SEP)

At Mabel Park SHS we run an inclusive program that caters for a variety of student’s needs through the Special Education Program (SEP).
A special education program is a cluster of resources - specialist teachers, support staff - at a particular school. A school's special education program is dedicated to supporting the educational needs of students in one or more disability areas. Program specialisation is available in the following disability areas:
·         Autism Spectrum Disorder
·         Hearing Impairment
·         Intellectual Disability
·         Physical Impairment
·         Speech-Language Impairment
·         Vision Impairment.
These are the same disability areas that are recognised in the Education Adjustment Program.
Our programs can also specialise in supporting students with multiple impairments (students who are verified as having intellectual impairment and one or more other impairment).
At Mabel Park SHS, each student with disability is assigned a case manager, whose role is to consult with parents/guardians and any stakeholders involved with the student. They liaise with classroom teachers and collaboratively work with staff to assist with personalising learning and meeting the needs of the individual. Our case managers make it a high priority to develop their relationship with students.
Students with disability participate with the curriculum in a regular classroom setting, however they will access curriculum that is suitable to their working level. Students with disability that required a modified curriculum (that means a curriculum that is at a lower or higher year level to their peers), do so while maintaining participation in the regular classroom. SEP Case Managers and classroom teachers develop suitable curriculum activities that align with an age appropriate context. Students with disabilities requiring a modified program will also receive modified assessment appropriate to their working level. This type of information is recorded on an Individual Curriculum Plan (ICP) which is always completed in consultation with parents/guardians and any stakeholders working with the individual.   
We also have access to Advisory Visiting Teachers in the areas of Hearing Impairment, Vision Impairment and Physical Impairment and a Speech and Language Pathologist who visits regularly during the term. Access to these specialists allows students to receive further individualised supports as identified by their team.
If you have any further inquiries please feel free to contact the Head of Special Education Services on (07)3489 2333.