Industrial Technology and Design


Mabel Park Industrial Technology & Design (ITD)

In Industrial Technology Design we have both junior and senior electives. In all classes students have a series of both practical and theory lessons in which they follow a design, make and appraise process. In senior certificate courses students work to complete competencies associated with the certificate through the completion of various projects. ​

Junior ITD Elective

In the junior classes we follow the national curriculum and use timber, metal and acrylic to complete various projects. Students will work through their designs on paper first using technical drawing techniques and then apply these to their material. Teaching staff will assist the students through all the practical lesson to ensure students are completing the work safely and to the highest standard possible. Junior classes will focus on hand tools with an introduction to basic power tools that the students are able to manipulate safely.

Senior ITD Electives

Students are given more choice for specialisation in Senior ITD electives. This enables students to focus on one or many areas of interest if desired and the subjects go into greater detail in each area.

Students can choose one or all of the electives.

In certificate electives, projects and theory units are designed to cover multiple competencies.


Construction is delivered through the Certificate I in Construction. In this elective students need to complete a set of competencies that expose them to tools and techniques in construction industry. This is done through various projects that are completed in the workshop and around the school. Students will be given safe access to most machines and tools in the workshop and the workshop is designed to replicate an industry standard workshop. Students will also complete tasks around the school eg: Surveying, Concreting, bricklaying and various other maintenance tasks.


Engineering is delivered through the Certificate II in Engineering Pathways. In this elective students need to complete a set of competencies that expose them to tools and techniques in the engineering industry. The practical classes are completed in the Trade Training Centre, this is a purpose built engineering workshop that is designed to replicate an industry standard workshop. Students will have access to all machines and equipment used in industry and complete projects based around each machine. All associated theory is completed alongside each practical unit.

Industrial Skills

The Industrial Technology Skills subject focuses on the underpinning industry practices and  production processes required to manufacture products in a variety of industries. The subject includes two core topics — ‘Industry practices’ and ‘Production processes’. Industry practices are used by manufacturing enterprises to manage the manufacturing of products from raw materials. Production processes combine the production skills and procedures required to create products. Students will work with both timber and metal in year 11 and year 12 to develop skills ready for industry at the completion of the unit.

Graphics Skills

Graphics is designed to give students skills in both drafting, 3d modelling and printing. Students will begin will introduction of various software packages and how they are used to best complete a task. Students will design 3d objects and complete a 3d printed models of them. They will also need to complete 2d drawing to industry standard so that it could be reproduced by another workshop. Students will also complete drafting exercises in which they will design a basic house and complete industry standard drafting plans and elevations for this house.​

Last reviewed 18 November 2022
Last updated 18 November 2022